Working in partnership with us

We are keen to work with organisations which share the values and principles we exist to represent.

There are many ways to work with us

Corporate volunteering

If your business encourages charity days for employees, we would love to hear from you to help us with some of our community social action work. We can set up packages to work on community projects as well as with collections. 

Corporate donations and gifts in kind

We are always grateful to receive funding which helps us achieve our aims and widen the reach of co-operative practice. Corporate responsibility through donation can help with tax deductions as well as be a great way to get involved in local causes. It can also be a showcase for the experience and skills your business has.

Corporate Charity Fundraising

If you would like hold a one-off fundraising event, we can host it for you. Some businesses choose to fundraise by literally walking in the footsteps of the Pioneers themselves from Manchester to Rochdale along the towpath of the Rochdale Canal. 

Sponsorship of activities

Looking after historic material requires costly packaging, storage, and often, conservation work in order to preserve collections as well as historic buildings for future generations to enjoy and learn from. When we need to raise extra funds for these projects, they will feature in our appeals pages where your one-off donations will be vital to reach our targets.

How your business can benefit from supporting us

* Working together enhances the public understanding of co-operation and helps your workforce feel more connected to shared values and principles.

* Get preferential access to our site and team for your inductions, away days, evening receptions, meeting space and workshops which can be designed to meet your needs as our supporters.

Get in touch with the Co-operative Heritage Trust to discuss your bespoke corporate fundraising opportunities. See our website terms and conditions here: Introduction_to_CHT_website_terms_and_conditions.pdf