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Co-operative societies in the UK

The CWS (Co-operative Wholesale Society)

National co-operative organisations

The Co-operative Union

The Co-operative Women's Guild

The Co-operative Film Archive

Co-operative federations

Personal papers


Cultural materials

Advertising and packaging

Searching our collections

We are working to digitise our catalogue and you can search Archives Hub for lists of what we hold. Please be aware that not everything is listed on the Hub.

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Offering material to us

We collect paper-based and digital material that has significance to the history of the British co-operative movement. Potential donations are reviewed on a case by case basis according to our collecting policy, so please contact us if you have something you would like to donate.

We are particularly interested in records which reflect the recent past of the Co-operative movement.

We may only collect documents and photographs for which rights can be assigned to us by the donor, or where copyright is established.