Sam Ashworth Discovery Box 

Get hands on with history without leaving the classroom!  Book out our free Sam Ashworth Discovery Box and immerse your pupils in the working life of Victorian Rochdale.

Our discovery boxes contain replica and original Victorian object, teacher’s notes and different craft activities to unleash your pupil’s historical enquiry skills. 

Teachers like to borrow our discovery packs to kick start local history projects or supplement sessions they’ve attended at our museum. 

How to book out the Discovery Box 

We don't charge for this but schools are responsible for picking up and dropping off the box on time. Bookings are made my contacting our museum team via email or phone: [email protected] or call  01706 524 920  

What if we lose or break something? 

The loans box is in a vintage travelling trunk (like a Victorian suitcase), with carrying handles on the sides. You will be asked to sign an agreement on booking the box and our boxes are checked on leaving and returning to the museum and if you need some assistance we are happy to help. 

Damaged or missing items can be reasonably charged to the school to make sure other people can carry on using the loans box.

What if I want to keep the box for longer? 

We try to be as flexible as possible, just contact the museum team.

How does this box relate to the curriculum? 

This box is aimed at KS2 learners but can easily be accessed by KS1 too - There are teacher's notes on  Rochdale and the Co-op movement as well as a booklet to choose activities from to cover

  • Investigating important historical events, people and places  
  • Finding out more about people in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements 
  • Understanding significant turning points in British history 

As well as using it for history projects, the box can support English objectives to broaden pupil’s vocabulary, extend the ability to speak and listen and build an enquiring knowledge.