Virtual Pioneers:

You don't have to come to Rochdale - you can follow this link to Vimeo to rent a virtual visit instead. Every download helps to support us and share our story. You can use it to understand how we got here and help people who are new to co-ops in inductions and training. Virtual Pioneers:


In 2019 we supported two podcast series, one made by SparkLab about the UK movement called 'More than a Shop'. It was created by Co-operative UK, The Co-operative College, The Co-op News and Us, the Heritage Trust! All the episodes can be found here More than a Shop

Pioneer Places was a pod made by Podcast.Co and supported by the Heritage Fund in 2019 to engage young people living in Rochdale with what makes their town so special. It helped them delve into our collection, make new friends and learn new skills. Listen here Pioneer Places Pod


This handy guide written by Co-ops UK explains what a co-op is, and what different types of co-ops do today in the UK and all over the world - they don't all sell food, but are all member owned and run for the benefit of members. 


Other download resources - Co-op colouring sheets
These have been taken from a 1980s co-operative colouring book in our collection. Download and print - Check out some of the retro hairstyles!

This shows construction workers and diggers building a new breakfast food factory.

This shows the seaside co-op at Mull in Scotland with boats and fishermen.

This shows the Rochdale Pioneers serving customers in the original store at 31 Toad Lane - where the Pioneers Museum is now!

This shows a family sat around a breakfast table with co-op foods.

This shows a Co-op Travel bus travelling through the countryside.

This shows a herd of cows and a lorry on a Co-op dairy farm.

This shows people and cars outside a Co-op supermarket.