The Archive holds designated records of consumer and worker co-operatives in the UK as well as personal papers, film, photographs and ephemera relating to the co-operative movement. 

We also hold a collection of magazines, journals and pamphlets.  The collections range in date from the early 1800's to the present day.

Our special collections

The personal papers of George Jacob Holyoake: He was the official historian of the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society and wrote about the way the movement grew from its beginnings to become a nationally and internationally recognised model.

The personal papers of Robert Owen (called the 'Father of co-operation'): We hold 3000 documents relating to the life and work of Owen as a campaigner for social change, rights for working people and ideas on the spread of co-operative practice. 

Who are our users

The Archive can be used for business history, family and local history.  Topics such as the history of advertising, youth movements and architecture can be studied at the archive and we welcome researchers from all backgrounds to use our collections to contribute to their projects.