We are trying to raise £2000 in total to build a fire-proof, container unit at Rochdale Pioneers Museum. This unit will store food and other groceries for the Pioneer Pantry member co-operative. This is a local grassroots co-op, because many people (even those in work) find it difficult to stock their cupboards from time to time.

When we first started the Pioneer Pantry community co-operative member scheme in 2017, we only had a couple of local families as members. Now our membership base is growing and we need to be able to store more food donations as well as the extra supplies the membership can purchase.

This storage unit will help us to stock a larger amount and keep the Pantry going during quieter periods.

It is a vital life line for those people who cannot be referred to a food bank or who may find themselves needing the support of their community.

This initiative is based on the way the Pioneers first set up their food store and the principles they used, a hundred and seventy five years ago.

Thank you for any help you can give - it is much appreciated.

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