We make our heritage assets work for communities today by using them to inspire and encourage learning and development.

Changing what we do and how we do it

As a result of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are having to change the way the Trust operates.

We already know that having a bigger digital presence will be important. Many of the international visitors we were hoping to welcome this year will not be able to travel to visit the birthplace of co-operation and we want to develop tools which will help more people to have a meaningful relationship with us and our collections.

Helping local people

Our events and community outreach programme was all about providing free and affordable workshops and activities for local people in Rochdale. We have seen how important it is to contribute to improving well being and reducing isolation locally; especially for those who will be hardest hit by the impact of the crisis. It will be more important than ever to support local people in creative ways when the museum site re-opens to the public.

Continuing to look after our collections 

We will be making changes to the way our museum building looks and feels: We want to create new displays so that visitors can see more of our collections, and will be working to digitise material so people can use them remotely. We need help from users, volunteers and young advisers to do this.

How you can help

If you feel able to contribute financially you can donate here.

If you would prefer to help us in other ways, follow us on social media, share your ideas with us or register your interest as a future volunteer.