Summer exploring with Rochdale Young People

The staff of the Co-operative Heritage Trust and volunteers have been helping young people on the Heritage Funded project 'Up our Street' exploring Pioneer Places.

So far we have hiked up Rooley Moor and around Healey Dell finding out about the landscape which made Rochdale the place it is today, a medieval settlement, an Industrial powerhouse and a multicultural town making up part of Greater Manchester.

We have explored local towns and villages from urban Rochdale to the rural areas which make the Borough diverse. 

The group have been spotting places and old building which were part of the Co-op story as part of this.

Getting to know you area and understanding why as well as how it has changed is a really important way young people can contribute to the way a place can change, and yet still remember it's history.

The Heritage Fund (until recently known as the Heritage Lottery Fund) is 25 years old this October. To help celebrate visit their birthday page.