Pioneer visits go virtual

During the pandemic Rochdale Pioneers Museum was not able to host the international visitors which have traditionally been an important part of our audience.

During the pandemic, with increased demand for digital services we realised that some groups would find it harder to visit in the future. Ours is a shared global  heritage and we wanted to find a way to make it more accessible to international co-operators just as many are recovering from the worst impacts of Covid-19 and committing once again to deepening their co-operative identities for the future.

The virtual tour takes our narrator Payal on a journey from Toad Lane in Rochdale to Manchester in the North West of England. She walks in the footsteps of the Pioneers to understand how and why they started their co-op in difficult times and find out why the values and principles they founded are so important.

You can see the trailer and download the film with English subtitles from

Renting the film helps our charity to reach a worldwide audience to spread the message of co-operation for young people as well as supporting our charity to do more work with international members and communities in the UK.

You can request a follow up Q and A by video conferencing (if you are outside the UK please consider the time differences which may apply).

If you are part of a small community coop in the UK or located in a developing nation you can apply to us for a 50% discount code. Just email us at [email protected]