Being a part of our future

We are not able to open to the public just yet; but are thinking about the ways in which more people can be involved in selecting objects for display, and exploring our collections.

We will be putting together a number of focus groups this for both local people and those further away who may not be able to visit us, but who still have an interest. We are going to hold some of these in the daytime and others in the evening.

Everyone is welcome, but we really encourage younger people and those who's voices are marginalised in our society to get involved.

Focus Group 1 Rescheduled for LUNCHTIME Tuesday 25th May at 13:00 via zoom

Focus Group 2 EVENING Tuesday 22nd June at 19:00 via zoom 

The groups are for anyone interested because we know our users are based all over the world; we will be holding some events specifically for people in Rochdale, once we are able to safely reopen the museum.

How to take part

Just email us at [email protected] or direct message us via social media to let us know which session is good for you and we will send you a zoom link.