Due to recent events concerning Covid-19, the Co-operative Heritage Trust would like to take the opportunity to collect from any Co-op; digital and non digital archival materials used throughout the pandemic.

Why are we doing this? The pandemic is a unique moment in time and how Co-ops in particular respond to it, given that many are ‘key’ service providers, will be a vital source of information for the future. Our museum and archive service don't just collect historical material: Today’s resources will be the historic record in years to come.

What we are interested in collecting:

  • Digital graphics / logos and content produced for your social media and websites
  • Posters / Notices
  • Employee information packs about self care / other information during the outbreak
  • Safety information given to staff and the public
  • Uniform / preventative clothing issued (un-used examples only)
  • Images of your stores or premises at this time
  • Food information (stock) or your business impact 
  • Public announcements and feel good stories.

We expect most of these resources to be digital, but we are also interested in objects we could display at a later date and physical archives.

*We realise that most of you will be very busy at present.

For more information, or for a chat about how to donate in the future; please contact:

Clare Hirst: Collections Manager

[email protected]