The Co-operative Heritage Trust team have been working to create some learning resources for you to use at home whilst the schools are closed due to the coronavirus.

As with our other resources, this will be continually updated as the closure continues. We will be sorting them by key stage so you can choose which resource best suits your family.

If you need any help with them or would like to ask us some questions we are happy to help. Please email us at [email protected].

Key Stage 1&2


This activity pack (aimed at upper KS2) takes children through the history of the Rochdale Pioneers establishing the world's first successful co-operative on Toad Lane in 1844. They will discover why Rochdale was the site of this world changing event and what inspired the Pioneers to open their store.


Our Map detectives activity teaches children how to utilise Google Maps and other online resources to learn more about the history of the community buildings around them. Children can also develop a creative response to what they have learned and share it with us at the Co-operative Heritage Trust.


This activity must be done with supervision of an adult as it requires using ovens and cooking equipment. We will learn about why the Pioneers sold honest food at honest prices. Then, children can use common store cupboard ingredients (as used by the Pioneers) to make some delicious Pioneer Biscuits.