From the tongue of a Goliath Boot:

Don't delay, view today.

No chain, they say.. that’s the rightmove way.

Chainsaw proof! That’s what they called me,

Best of the bunch for the toughest navvy.

Wool blankets, carding combs and leather stamping

What’s in it now? Flats; homes with parking!

Me in my prime six thousand pair a week – 

Last six months in the wind, snow and sleet.

Never got the chance to see it, grit and graft for me it weren't,

Never sparked my hobnails, never got my fingers burnt.

But I’m here.

Saved in stock, an example from the hoard,

Not sent to the docks, or to the Coal Board.

Lasting forever, is it mummification? 

Or a co-op snapshot, footwear for a working nation.

The Heckmondwike Co-operative Boot and Shoe Works (CWS) was housed in Brunswick Mill. Originally built in 1871; it had been a textile plant and was extended many times over the 19th Century. CWS employed up to 400 workers making safety footwear as well as football boots, including those worn by Sir Stanley Matthews (Blackburn, Stoke and England).

Today the mill is a housing development of apartments and townhouses at WF16 0LW and records of the employees and the products made under the Goliath brand are held in our Co-operative Archive GB1499GFW. 

The advertisement in the page banner dates to the late 1950’s and is part of the Robert Salmon Collection.