Caboodle - Food waste prevention / Help for charitable causes

If you are a charity or community group you can sign up to Caboodle

What is it?

Caboodle is a platform to get alerts when stores have food available to collect. Sign up and select your local stores (for us it is our local co-ops in Rochdale) and you will get a notification when there is food to collect.

What sort of food is it?

The food is anything that has come to the end of it's display date, but it is all safe to prepare and eat according to the packaging instructions. 

How does it work?

Representatives can sign up to register their group, select the stores they can collect from and schedule collections where there are available time slots.

We use caboodle for the food based initiatives and workshops we run at the museum: Preventing food waste and ensuring local people and our charity can benefit amidst high food inflation prices is important to us, as is our commitment to minimise waste and carbon footprint wherever possible.